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Why re-invent the wheel and make up a web site on Reykjavik and things to do when there is one already done. Click on the logo to the left.

Something's of note; Geothermal beach, yes they even heat the Atlantic so you can swim in it.

Talking of swimming the pools here nearly all have hot tubs at different temperatures. Seasonal type tickets exist. One warning. You have to strip off naked no clothes and pass through showers where soap (or your own) must be used. Signs show what bits must be washed. The advantage is very little chlorine in the water. Yes they are separate changing areas, yes some have wee booths - not all. BUT nobody is bothered about your bits - just you.

Museum are not like our city ones, they are small and very culture history based.

I believe the penis (yes that funny bit) museum has moved out of Reykjavik to Husavik, but the sone is moving it back to the city. It now has a human example - be warned. web site


More funny and interesting stuff added later