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You can use you UK mobile here in Iceland, but ensure you have asked for world use, not all mobile operators treat Iceland as Europe. Remember all calls, whether to an Icelandic number or to back home are treated as international calls. Data roaming could be pricey. If you think you are going to call us and others in Iceland a lot, pick up a pay as you go sim card. In fact ask us first as we have some spare, just top it up.

Think on to get a UK proof of European Health Insurance Card. It does make life simpler for everyone should you fall ill. If you don't have one (and check its valid date!) then click on the card image to get details.

Applies to other EU countries and those in the Nordic area.

EU health card link
link to basic icelandic phrases
There is no need to shout, like Basil in Fawlty Towers. Nearly everyone speaks English, certainly the younger ones and those in shops, banks and public offices. Say Tak for thank you and Bless when you leave. Hallo (with some emphasis on the o) to say hello. Click on the wee guy for simple website intro and game.

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hotdog stand in iceland


can of viking lager

black death scnapps brand name

Food is Scandinavian with American influences on the fast food side, traditional foods are available but restaurants have modernised them. Eating out is as expensive as the UK in the evenings IF you shop about. If you wish to try (and you really must) Icelandic seafood cooked and a multitude of ways, then have lunch, far better value. McDonlads pulled out when the crash bit (pun) however the francise holder rebranded, used pure Icelandic meat and salads and has not looked back. American Style are good value and the fish is fresh, burgers are meat.

Most filling stations have cafe style bars with them and hot dogs are very common, sandwiches here can be plain, but SubWay have a few stores. Talking of hot dogs, if you like them, you have to try the most famous shack down by the main harbour near the new opera house. Open 24/7/365. and its so small you wonder how it does it.

Not far way, to the right as you face the shack, is a great place to buy Lobster Soup. Called Saegreifinn - The Sea Baron. Walk to the harbour edge, keep walking away from the shack, with opera house behind you. You pass a row of small buildings (like garage size) with the harbour on the right. The second last row has the cafe.

Drinking in bars can be an expensive hobby, especially late at night. Think nothing of using your plastic, don't expect PINS or receipts though.

If you like a beer, then the local is like a lager and available in many food shops.

Avoid Black Death (Brennivan) the nickname for a type of schnapps. The two, chilled with an Icelandic cold seafood platter is to die for.

This is a good link to Food and other things Icelandic for Tourists

Land Rover tonka style vehicle

You don't need one of these to tour Iceland, certainly not in the summer and in the winter you should be with a group. We can hire you a 4x4 from Hertz. Or we can take you out an about in our 4x4. I doubt well have our Tonka Toy (like the image) ready by winter 2011 but it is in the master plan! Our 4x4 will take you through some amazing scenery and if you're here for a while through some jaw droping gorges, rivers and waterfalls and to a hot spring pool.

Drive on the Right, do not speed, it will cost you a fortune, I know! The speed limit from the airport is about 55mph. All signs are in Kilometers per Hour. Road signage is fantastically good, accurate and up to date.

Icelanders believe in their vehicles and their 4x4's so there is not the anti car and 4x4 issue here. Motorbikes are not so common but are growing in popularity. However most people drive cars like the one you probably have. PS also, in town, they drive like Frenchmen on acid, keep your eyes open both sides and behind!